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clock maintenanceTo keep it simple, if your clock is less than 75 years old it needs serviced once every two years.

75 years or older: Every 2-3 years depending on make/maker.

Some movements must be disassembled for proper service. Here’s why:

Clock oil starts breaking down between 24-36 months depending on use.

You wouldn’t drive a car that long with dirty or little to no oil because you know where that will get you… not very far.

Also, call a professional to do this! Some people spray the movement with things like WD-40 and that will only damage the clock movement and add to your repair bill.

Give us a call today and set up an appointment to service your clock correctly.

The Clocksmith
Bryan Smith, 4th Generation
2037 Maybank Hwy
Charleston, SC 29412
Fincar Legit Online

Member of British Horological Institute and NAWCC since 1993

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