Want to know your clock’s history?

clock historyDid you recently inherit your clock? Do you wonder what type of history your clock has? We love clocks and love their history even more.

While we are working on your clock we can document things we find out about it’s history, as well as the clockmaker and year it was made.

We offer this service for free while we work on your clock (a small fee if performed at any other time). We will even take photos at the time we repair or service your clock (a small fee if performed at any other time) and provide them via email so you have them for future generations understand and enjoy!

Please let us know you are interested in this when we START the work or service on your clock and it will cost you nothing.

The Clocksmith
Bryan Smith, 4th Generation
2037 Maybank Hwy
Charleston, SC 29412

Member of British Horological Institute and NAWCC since 1993

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