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Please call before bringing your clock in because we may be out on a house call.

**We have free, no hassle parking in front of our business for your convenience.

The Clocksmith
Bryan Smith, 4th Generation

2037 Maybank Hwy
Charleston, SC 29412
(Located inside the Terrace Oaks Antique Mall)

Buy Zoloft

Member of British Horological Institute and NAWCC since 1993

Clock Repair Services (Our service area includes) Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Daniel Island, Sullivans Island, Johns Island, James Island, Folly Beach, Wando, Wadmalaw Island, Edisto Island, West Ashley, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and several others.

Additional Service Areas: Diflucan For Sale


grandfather clock dial clock repair charleston, sc